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Grade A2 Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel

Grade B1 Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel

According to the non-combustibility (grade A composite core) stipulations of GB8624-1997, the A2ACP has passed tests of National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fireproof Building Materials. The results are as follows:    

NO.Test ItemsTest MethodsTechnical IndexesResultsConclusions
1Mini Length of remains, mmGB/T 8625-88?0575Qualified
2Average Length of remains, mmGB/T 8625-88?0614Qualified
3Average Temperature of smoke , ?td>GB/T 8625-88?5106Qualified
4Grade of Smoke DensityGB/T 8627-1999?7Qualified
5Heat, MJ/KgGB/T 14402-93?20.2Qualified
6Release of Heat, MJ/?td>GB/T 14402-93?.80.05Qualified
7Toxicity of Smoke and Gas(LCo), Mg/LGA 132-1996?.0, during infectious period, the rat doesn’t die. Within 3 days from getting infected, the rat not only lives, but also recovers in weight25Qualified


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