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Aluwedo Brushed

ALUWEDO Embossed Aluminum Composite Panel

The embossed ALUWEDO has different colors available.        

Protruding and sunken brings people strong third dimension. It’s a better choice to make your wall compared with normal Aluminium Composite Panel; this has a great improvement for appearance and texture.                

Application scopes:

Building exterior &interior curtain walls        

Decoration of reformation story addition for old building        

Decoration of interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, and shops door decorations        

Advertisement board, display platforms and signboards, wallboard, and ceilings for tunnel        

Industrial materials, vehicle, and boat materials        

Customized specifications are accepted        

Test report        


Technical Requirements

Exterior panel

Interior panel

Coating Thickness(test)



Coating Adhesive(test)

≥1 step

Gloss Tolerance(test)

limit of error≤10

Pencil Hardness(test)


Boiling Water Resistance(test)

No change

Color Difference test


Acid Resistance test

No change

Alkaline Resistance test

No change

Grinding Resistance test


Bending Test



180°Peel Strength




Product Specification:

Thickness:2-- -6mm  (Better choice in 3mm, 4mm)

Width: 1000— 2000mm (Better choice 1220mm, 1250mm , 1500mm .2000mm)

Length: As required

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